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закрыть окно Что такое альтернативные решения?

Препарат, который может заменить выбранный вами продукт на основе анализа нейросети по многим показателям.

Как воспользоваться?

Нажмите на баннер "Альтернативные решения" на карточке любого продукта категории средства защиты растений.

Зачем это мне?

Для оптимальной замены пестицида, который не доступен.

Альтернативные решения доступны после авторизации. Ими воспользовались 3524 раз.

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закрыть окно Hello and welcome to EcoPlant Agro!

EcoPlant Agro is the place where you can demonstrate your level of expertise in agribusiness.

Share your experience, we know you best of all, and don't hesitate!

You can write BITs and our Hera will print them in the pages of the EPA handbook, to help agronomists and farmers in a difficult choice, because our goal, like yours, is to help agricultural producers get high yields and enjoy their profession.
Become an author on the EPA is very simple, you just need to register and start creating a Note, recipe or Bits.

Speaking of Note, we do not limit the authors in choosing the type of information presentation - you can publish text materials, video, short vertical videos, audio and photos. What is recipe? This is your guide to getting high yields for a particular crop.

And most importantly, write interesting BITs and recipe, put additional permission to publish advertising, and if the advertiser is interested in your publication, he will place his advertising banner there, and we will transfer you the reward that you indicated.